Tower Defense on Rails!


Railbound Frontiers is a visually appealing Tower Defence Game that stands out through its unique feeling of towers movable in real-time.

The Game is set in a SCI FI environment on a distant foreign Planet. The player controls a large defence system from space to protect human bases against waves of attacking hostile aliens.

Three types of defence towers can be placed, upgraded and moved on rail systems in all levels. The player has to fight against three types of hostile aliens with different characteristics. All these features and mechanics require strategic decisions, resource management and should both challenge and motivate the players to win the fights in different ways.


  • Defense Towers are movable throughout the entire Game
  • A credible SCI FI atmosphere on a distant foreign Planet
  • Challenging Gameplay with multiple choices to plan your defense
  • Find a good strategy to fight against different types of hostile aliens
  • Thrilling Combat during the waves
  • You have 3 towers with different tactical capabilities always available
  • Survive all Waves of enemies to get rewarded and access more levels

This Title is a second semester project made by 9 students of the S4G School for Games in Berlin


Tower Defense


September 10, 2018


Windows PC